The Least Of My Worries (with effect pedal!)

Let me know what you think! 🙂

Live @ Porgy & Bess in Vienna

Hey! We’ve had an awesome tour in Austria. Someone filmed the whole thing! Unfortunately the sound of it isn’t great… I give you: “The Sun Is Gone”, a lullaby to my son.

Maartje Meijer Band Live @ Lantaren Venster

Hey! Very very pregnant (35 weeks), a compilation of one of our last shows in Lantaren Venster. Enjoy!

New Amsterdam Voices present: Blame it on the Boogie

New Amsterdam Voices singing my arrangement of Blame It On The Boogie. I’m super proud of how this video turned out! Edited and produced by Max Baggerman.

Recording New Amsterdam Voices @ Studio 150

I just finished producing the beautiful debut EP of New Amsterdam Voices! 6 fun & virtuoso songs were recorded in the awesome Studio 150 in Amsterdam and will be presented in de Brakke Grond in Amsterdam on May 2nd. Order your tickets here!